Friday, December 29, 2006

Conversations with a 2 (almost 3) year old (2nd in a series)

The little darling will be 3 two weeks from Saturday (my Epiphany baby!), and has yet to really sit on the potty, let alone do anything in the potty. The pressure from the in-laws is really heating up to get this taken care of. Hey, it's not my fault he seems scared of the thing. Really, when you step back and look at either the potty chair or the 'big person' toilet, they don't look all that appealing. I can't really blame him for not wanting any part of it. But he is really at the age now that we should be making the attempt to get him interested (although I've decided we're just going to have to resort to bribery), so I try to introduce the topic, and things related to the topic, as often as possible.

At 40 inches, he's too tall now to lay comfortably on the changing table. He's gotten into the habit of propping himself up on his elbows when he's on the table, so that his head doesn't hang over the edge, and he's very casual about looking down to watch you go about the business of changing his diaper. This happened the other day, and I thought 'What the heck'

Me: "W.T., this is your penis. This is where your pee pee comes from. When Daddy was little, he called it his 'pee-pee tail'."

W.T.: "Penis," he repeats, as he jiggles his knees back and forth, fascinated by how it moves.

Me: (In my best proud-Mommy voice) "Yes! Very good!"

Fast-forward a few days to Christmas Eve. I spent the afternoon with my best friend, hanging out, exchanging gifts and all that. The husband calls on the cell phone, sounding a little shaken. He'd taken a shower. When he got out, he realized there wasn't any clean underwear, so he'd thrown some in the wash and was waiting for it to dry. In general, this is not an uncommon occurrence; it happens to everyone. What makes this a unique situation with my husband is that he will walk around un-clothed (but WITH socks on - I know, probably more than you wanted to know...) until the clean skivvies are ready...

Him: "... so I was sitting at the computer..."

Me: "You were sitting naked in the chair at the computer? Did you put a towel down first, or were you sitting directly on the chair?"

Him: "That doesn't matter..."

Me: "Yes it does! I need to know, so I can put a towel on the chair the next time I sit there, if you didn't have one down while you were sitting there!"

Him: "Anyway, I was sitting there, and W.T. came up beside me, pointed at me down there, and said 'pe-nis... tickle, tickle, tickle...' "

These are the moments we'll cherish...


justrose said...

"You were sitting naked in the chair at the computer? Did you put a towel down first, or were you sitting directly on the chair?"

... a classic female question! and why do they think it never matters, when it very much does? :)

Ruth said...

And why do they think it's okay to sit naked on the furniture in the first place (he never did answer the question, by the way)? This is why, ala 'Sex and the City', I'll never buy white furniture. Well, one of the reasons I'll never buy white furniture.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

My living room set is emerald green... and no one sets naked... *shudder*

W.T. is a hoot... My niece hasn't learned discretion as well.. and she's five... check out my blog and I'll tell you the story. I don't want to over run your comments.

Anonymous said...

You know, you told me this over the phone, and it's even funnier to see it in writing.

Now, as to the "sitting naked" thing, um, that's not just a classic female question. I would ask that question. I cannot comprehend not throwing on a pair of sweat pants or something in the waiting-for-laundry situation. Just frickin' scary.

Heather said...

I never remember to save your link in my favorites, so I google you periodically..........reading your back posts is so much fun. So, I have to ask, does the lady in the cubicle behind you STILL listen to Limbaugh and has she started with Glenn Beck yet? What's wrong with being a Ditto-head? I've been Hannitzed too, LOL
I do miss you and L tons. I'm planning to be home for Christmas, and I'm thinking about a gathering of X and B alums from the band, kind of a pre-reunion get together. Interested perhaps? Give me a holler-I think you have my e-mail, if not message me on xanga.
Love ya and can't wait to to read more!

Ruth said...

Hi Heather -

I no longer sit in front of the the woman that sits in the cubicle behind me, thank heavens. I found it odd that she listened to conservative talk radio, because of the fact that she is a very outspoken liberal lesbian. She listened to them, she said, to 'keep track of what the other side is saying about us'. The problem I had with all of it was that, while she listened, she'd comment on whatever the topic du jour was, which was very disruptive.

There's certainly nothing wrong with being a 'Ditto-head', or being 'Hannit-ized'... I just don't care for them because when I have listened to them, it hasn't been an actual discussion or debate. They seem to bully the callers with opposing viewpoints until the caller hangs up, or until they hang up on the caller.

But that's just my opinion.