Friday, December 22, 2006

I am evil.

Most of you already know that, because I don't want to drag a 3-year old over the river and through the woods (... no, wait... that's Thanksgiving, isn't it?), I told the in-laws we'd have the annual Christmas gathering at our house this year. Obviously, this was not a lucid moment.

I am off work today (the last precious vacation day until they start piling up again on Jan 2, 2007), and have to go fight the crowds at the Super Wal-mart for groceries, after my doctors appt.

Oh... my... God.

What was I thinking???

Why am I evil? Last night, laying in bed, I thought "I wonder what would happen to all of them if I loaded up the macaroni and cheese with some of the Fiber-sure powder stuff you can buy now? (Because if this plan was executed, I, of course, would not be partaking of the macaroni & cheese, which wouldn't be suspicious because I'm diabetic, after all, and mac & cheese is loaded with carbs.) Or maybe a laxative?" But then they would think it was my cooking, and I can't have them thinking I'm a terrible cook.

I bet they wouldn't come back, though...


Twyla said...

LOL...I don't think you're evil at all. I'd be thinking the same thing.
Yesterday morning my bf asked me to host Christmas eve supper at my house for over 20 people...with 3 days notice. I actually said yes at first, but after about 10 minutes I came to my senses and called back and said no. Why do we stress ourselves out so much over the holidays, that we don't even get to enjoy it?
Hope all goes well. :-)

Teresa said...

I'm going to the Super Wal-Mart after I take my dog to the groomers... why do we do this to ourselves? I FREAKING HATE WAL-MART!!!

I'll be thinking of you while wandering around HELL!