Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fwd: Fw: Happy Sign-Off Day

The system testing that we do here at the Casa de Insurance runs in cycles of anywhere from four to six weeks for a project, which means that every four to six weeks we have a big deadline for the projects we're working on, and have to send an official sign off, saying that all our testing has been completed.
It's really not as glamourous as I make it sound.
Today is the last sign off for 2006 at the Casa de Insurance.  Below is an email that our department director  (ie. my bosses boss) sent this morning.  While it may look like a sincere expression of his gratitude and thanks, I think it's important to know that many of us have little to no respect for this man, because he's stabbed quite a few people directly between the shoulder blades in the short time he's been our director.
The gagging echoed across the cubicles as everyone opened and read it.
I don't think Dec 7 has officially  been declared 'National Hug a Tester' Day, but I'll keep you posted.
PS.  Extra points to anyone who can pick out the two typos in the note...


Happy Sign-Off Day!

Well this release has been a challenge from the beginning. System downtime, resource issues, the changing of a test lead, a Saturday push-day, and projects twinkling RED and GREEN (to remind us of the upcoming holiday season) have pushed many of us to a point well passed stressed out. You have identified over 400 defects! Each of those are important and each prevents production problems and potential clean-ups. That is the value that each of you bring!

Well today is the day when all of YOUR hard work culminates. I just wanted to thank all of you for all of your efforts and dedication. As always, you pulled of what looked impossible. I appreciate everything each of you have done, Testers and Non-Testers alike.

December 7th is National "Hug A Tester Day"!

Thank you!
Mr Big
Director of Quality Services, BPMO
Casa de Insurance


justrose said...

i caught the typos.

lovely letter! :)

Teresa said...

saw one... of instead of off...

well you know me... I'm not the proofreading type... LOL