Sunday, January 07, 2007


I hate to say, even think it
So cliche, but true
I feel as if I've just blinked my eyes,
And here we are
Today, he is three

Small, pink, perfect ears
Just right for nibbling
Sandy hair, complete with cowlick
That has a mind of its own
Dark eyes with lashes so thick
They make me jealous
Gap-toothed smile, shrieking laughter
"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"
Today, he is three

Bittersweet joy and wonder
Did I exist before he was here?

It's hard to remember
Will he be smart? Funny?
Will he cure a disease
And win the Nobel Prize?
Or will he bully children on the playground
And live at home until he's forty?
Today, he is three

God, are you there?
I've given up on you more than once
You owe me nothing
Now I am on my knees
Pleading as only a mother can
Keep him safe
Keep him healthy
Don't take him from me too soon
I did not exist before he came
I will not exist when he's gone
Today, he is three

(C) Ruth Speaks Up 2007


Twyla said...

Beautiful poem. I can feel the love that you have for him. I loved the part..."Did I exist before he was here?" I often wonder the same thing.

Teresa said...

that was wonderfully sweet! Happy Birthday baby boy!!!

Heather said...

That was simply beautiful. I am so glad you have him.
Hope his birthday is marvelous for all of you!

Me :P

Twyla said...

Hey Ruth,
I've found something that I know you're going to love...
It's a site to find new music. I love it! :-)