Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sorry about the Day-glo green

Blogger Beta (why did I 'upgrade' to that again?) didn't like the purple and orange, something about my html tags not being proper (oh my!), which is far beyond my computer-comprehension.
I'm working on something better (hopefully).
I, personally, wouldn't mind the green, if it weren't for the huge side-margins.  That wasted space just drives me ape-shit.
Until then, complimentary sunglasses will be distributed for those of you faithful enough to continue reading.


Twyla said...

Beta is evil. I'm a sucker for new things, so I couldn't resist the switch, but nothing good has come from it. I can't change my template...unless I want to use one of theirs. I kept getting the same message you did. Everytime I try to comment on someone's blog, it makes me sign in again, and I usually lose what I wrote.
BTW...nothing wrong with the day-glo green. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the green, Ruthie!

Teresa said...

the green is cool! LOL