Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm teaching myself how to knit (yes, beware, Ruth has long, pointy needles now...).

My ultimate goal is this bag, which is knitted and then felted in the washing machine.

Is this not one of the coolest bags you've ever seen?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

So, last week played out something like this...

Monday: As per the usual routine, the radio came on at 5am playing the National Anthem. Sickness had descended on our house last week, and if the bone-crushing pressure I was feeling was any indication, I was next up in the rotation. If you've ever had any experience with sinus issues, you know the drill: head so full of congestion if feels as if your eyeballs are going to pop right out of their sockets, accompanied by such intense pressure in/on the sinus cavities you pray your head will just implode. I had the added enjoyment of a cough/wheeze routine if I tried to take a deep breath. There was no way I could endure eight hours at the Casa de Insurance. I left a message for my boss, left another for a co-worker that's working on a project with me, then crawled back into bed.

A few hours later I was up and on my way to the doctor. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate going to the doctor? It's an interruption. It's an inconvenience I don't need, especially when I know exactly what's wrong. I've lived in the 'Sinus Belt' all my life, and quickly learned how to recognize an oncoming sinus/upper respiratory infection. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a doctor's office that would happily comply if I called and said "Ten days worth of antibiotic, please, and throw in a kick-ass decongestant while you're at it. Thanks."

But no.

So in I went, to see the 'new' doctor that I just started seeing this past September. This would be the first time I'd seen him for something other than the routine diabetes appointments for bloodwork, etc. A gave the nurse a brief rundown of my history with sinusitis while she took my vitals. The doctor came in a few minutes later. He looked me over, in the ears, up the nose, down the throat, and asked all the pertinent questions. Then he said,

"Well, I don't see any sign of an infection. This looks like just your allergies flaring up."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" I didn't actually say this out loud, but I'm sure the look on my face was screaming it. I gave him a brief rundown of my history with sinusitis also, but he wasn't having it. He prescribed an inhaler (to get rid of the wheeze - I've never had an inhaler before - eek!) and a cough medicine w/antihistamine, and sent me on my way.

Tuesday: In to work I went, still feeling miserable but not wanting to waste precious vacation time so early in the year. The doctor said there was no infection, and if there's no infection then I'm not contagious. I made it through half the day before finally giving in and going home.

Wednesday: Holy neds. I think the congestion has doubled in volume, if that's even possible, and I can't hear anything out of my right ear. There's such an intense feeling of pressure that I'm afraid if I cough or blow my nose, my eardrum is going to rupture. Back into the doctor first thing. That's one thing I'll say for this doctor's office - they're easy to get in to see. He looks me over again. Nope, still no sign of infection, according to him. You're kidding me, right? He sends me home with a prescription for a decongestant.

Thursday: This time when the alarm goes off, BOTH ears are plugged up. That's an experience I've never had before, and quite honestly it scared me a little. Screw the doctor, I decided. When 8am rolled around, I headed off to the local urgent care. Register at the desk. Wait. Go back to the exam room. Run through the drill with the nurse. I need to digress here for just a moment. I had a flashback to my college days, and visits to the college health center, because if you were a female seeing the doctor at the college health center, be prepared for the question "Are you pregnant?" Every time, without fail. Sure enough, the urgent care nurse asked me that, too. I was taken aback for a second, and stumbled a little with my answer. Wait. In comes the doctor, and here we go again... but then he says the magic words...

"Looks like you've got quite the sinus and upper respiratory infection going on here."

Hallelujah! Antibiotics, take me away! I was feeling better by that evening. And it only took two $15 co-pays at the doctors office, one $30 co-pay at the urgent care, and $60 in prescriptions.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We are all sick AGAIN!!


The husband was sick last week with the usual coughing, congestion, etc. Now I'm coming down with it, and the boy doesn't sound too good, either.

I hate being sick.

I worked from home Wednesday and Thursday of last week while the husband was sick, so he could rest while I kept one eye on the boy and one eye on the computer. I know for a fact (beacuse they don't do a very good job of 'whispering' when they're talking behind your back) that several of the ladies in my department didn't believe that the husband was really down with a cold.

Maybe they'll believe it when I spread my germs to them tomorrow by going into work.

Is that awful of me?

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I hate to say, even think it
So cliche, but true
I feel as if I've just blinked my eyes,
And here we are
Today, he is three

Small, pink, perfect ears
Just right for nibbling
Sandy hair, complete with cowlick
That has a mind of its own
Dark eyes with lashes so thick
They make me jealous
Gap-toothed smile, shrieking laughter
"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"
Today, he is three

Bittersweet joy and wonder
Did I exist before he was here?

It's hard to remember
Will he be smart? Funny?
Will he cure a disease
And win the Nobel Prize?
Or will he bully children on the playground
And live at home until he's forty?
Today, he is three

God, are you there?
I've given up on you more than once
You owe me nothing
Now I am on my knees
Pleading as only a mother can
Keep him safe
Keep him healthy
Don't take him from me too soon
I did not exist before he came
I will not exist when he's gone
Today, he is three

(C) Ruth Speaks Up 2007