Friday, October 28, 2005

A perfect Friday morning

K gets up at the hideous hour of 4am, to leave for his equally hideous manufacturing job (read: euphemism for working in a factory) by 5am. I will not miss this once he's laid off and back to school full-time.

But, since this is the way our life goes, his car wouldn't start this morning. It's 4:45am (trying to start the car a few minutes early so it can warm up, because it was 33 outside this morning) and we're in our drive-way, flickering flashlight at the ready, me with the owner's manual for my car and K holding the jumper cables in the air so they don't touch and spark, since the positive was already connected to my battery. And keep in mind that my husband and I are BOTH mechanically inept, to put it lightly. We did not, I am sad to say, get his car started. My battery has no negative post to attach the second 'jumper' to. It was dark and cold and confusing, and it just seemed easier for me to take him into work... even though that meant getting the little pumpkin up at such an awful hour.

As I was headed to work 2 hours later, I noticed on a billboard that our mega-million lottery is up to $147 mil. Maybe I'll buy that ticket on the way home tonight.

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