Saturday, October 22, 2005

I am a math widow

A gray, rainy Saturday here in Ohio. K is off at school studying before a tutoring session. He's in his second of three Algebra classes. Math is not his strong subject. After he finishes all the Algebra, he will move on to Statistics, then Tech Math... God help us all. So today, at least for 5 more hours or so, it's just me and W.T. I think W.T. is coming down with a cold... he hasn't been his usual energetic self this morning, and instead is laying on mommy & daddy's bed watching the Disney channel. I certainly don't want him to be sick, but hopefully this means he'll at least be subdued while we shop for groceries and other sundry things at the super Walmart, and maybe we'll have a cuddly afternoon since we can't go outside.

I think it will be somewhat of a miracle if I survive K getting through school. It is important... and it is for the good of the future of this family... but I HATE spending so much time alone. Alright, technically I'm not alone because W.T. is with me, but really how much company is a 21 month old? No other friends have children his age that he could play with while the mommies talk. I suppose this means I should start looking around for some sort of play group or something, the thought of which makes me cringe. Trying to make new friends at 35 is not a happy thought.

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