Monday, December 31, 2007

What a surprise, to receive a box from today bearing the 2008 Mom's Plan-It organizer, sent as a gift by my friend Lori.

Thanks, doll!!

Yes, the same Mom's Plan-It organizer that I put on my Christmas list, that my father-in-law looked all over the place for, yet couldn't find. Miraculously, Lori found it on the internet, at The husband, in the past, has asked for several computer games, available at an online retailer (even included the web address with his Christmas list), but ended up getting a game he already had, that was on-sale at a local store. Yet, last year, the father-in-law did manage to order for the husband's brother (aka. the brother-in-law) 2 bottles of some obscure micro-brew beer from a Belgian (Belgium!!) website, that with shipping ended up costing in the neighborhood of $75 and took about 6-weeks to arrive.

Every year, I consider telling them just to not get me anything. Or better yet, I consider telling them to make a gift to a charitable cause in my name. I never do, though, because there's just not good way to explain to someone that you'd rather they not buy something for you because of the angst it causes.

Only 361 days until Christmas!


Lori said...

Happy Christmas!

... errr ....

Merry Birthday!

.... ummm ....

Oh, what the heck! Enjoy!

Just Me said...

You know.....I actually looked for vibrating slippers fir you this year. I may have to find them now that you didn't get any from the fam this Christmas.