Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holy crap, I'm bored.

It's as quiet as a tomb here at the Casa de Insurance this week. Yesterday, there were only four out of about thirty people here. A co-worker, God bless him, had the forethought to bring in DVD's from home to watch on his computer while he worked. I watched 'Transformers' and 'Bulletproof Monk' while I typed away... not necessarily my first choices for movie viewing, but the selection was rather limited.

So Christmas is behind us for another year, and how can I possibly express to you how happy I am about that? I love the idea of the holidays, but the actual holidays themselves always turn out to be a disappointment for me. How sad is that? Dealing with my in-laws just makes things too stressful, which makes me bitchy, which irritates the husband (because I'm constantly bitching about his family, and he can't really bitch about mine, because let's face it - my parents are both dead, and I hardly hear from my brother). But c'mon now, I think any sane person in the same situation would react the same way. Case in point - we have a 'ritual' of giving lists each year of what we'd like for Christmas. It makes me crazy, mostly because I have a hard time coming up with things to put on the list, but whatever. My list this year included:

kitchen towels (boring, but we desperately need them)
a pound of Starbuck's Christmas blend coffee (yummy)
the Mom's 2008 Plan-it spiral bound calendar (available from several placed on-line, or from large retail booksellers)

I received two questions from the father-in-law regarding this list...
1. Now, where would one find this Starbucks Christmas blend?
2. Why this particular calendar? I mean, what is it about this particular calendar that makes it better than others?

What?!? It makes my head spin, I tell you. I did get the Starbucks coffee (after telling him that, if it were me, I'd check at STARBUCKS to see if they were carrying it this year. "Starbucks?! I never would've thought to check there!"), and the kitchen towels... and a plain, black spiral-bound 2008 calendar.

I did not get a third pair of vibrating slippers. I think, this year, I would've welcomed another pair of them.

From the mother-in-law (the father-in-law's second wife, not the husband's actual mother), I got a shower gel/lotion set that both have the warning on the label "Avoid prolonged exposure or excessive use, as this might cause itching or skin irritation" (sounds inviting), and several sample-size Clinique and Estee Lauder products that she received as promotional gifts with things she purchased throughout the year.

Is it just me, or would this be along the same lines as giving someone the hotel soaps and shampoos that your pilch before checkout as a gift?

I give up.

PS - special shout out to Twyla - hope your daughter and your man are both doing better!


Twyla said...

I am a little...okay A LOT disappointed that you didn't get the vibrating slippers. I thought it was a tradition. LOL But I have to say, the gifts you did receive, made up for them. I mean, free samples of crap you'll never use? What more could a girl want? LOL Sorry to laugh at your misfortune...maybe someday you will laugh too. Hopefully your hubby bought you something nice to make up for it all.
Btw...thanks for the shout family is doing okay. :-)

Lori said...

I still luv ya - what color vibrating slippers do you want this year? I'll find some and send them to you...

Lori said...

I just thought of this - you could always adopt my parents as yours - then he'd have some truly strange in-laws to complain about. :o)

Teresa Paulina said...

OMGoodness... they're rather thick aren't they... I'll remember you the next time I stay at a hotel... hehehe

Want me to send you a piece of that fudge that my father got me for Christmas... 'cause God knows if I eat it, I'll gag, choke and die.