Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the innocent

Well I've gone and done it. I've let people at the Casa de Insurance in on 'my little secret'. And of course by 'my little secret', I mean the blog here. Only one person knows. I'm not sure why I chose now to let someone in on this, but there you have it. His name is... Big Daddy 'C', and we'll see if he's got the walnuts to leave any comments (and of course I say that to draw him out).

Oh, and he's a whore. But he knows that, so it's okay for me to say.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Big Daddy C here. :) Great post. Yeah, I'm a whore, but not in the traditional or definition of the word. Although we haven't actually defined why I'm now called this. I'm honored that Ruth, um.. I mean Sweet Mama "R" (as she likes to be called - have no idea why) chose to let me in on this secret. This place is cool.


Twyla said...

It's always a little scary letting people in on our secrets eh? :-)

Teresa Paulina said...

LOL you're a braver soul than me... LOL

I just give them all my myspace page... hehehe... that's how I threw my sister off the track...