Saturday, October 27, 2007

We got W.T.'s first pre-school pictures last week. I don't remember having my picture taken like this in preschool, but, then again, I guess I really don't remember much about preschool in general, so there you go.

The individual picture is WONDERFUL. I know I'm biased, but we've got one darn cute little boy. He's going to be a heartbreaker... who am I kidding, he already IS a heartbreaker:

We got the smallest package they offered; our family is small, so I didn't think we needed 2-8x10, 4-5x7, 6-3x5, 32 wallets, 4 photomagnets and a keychain. Every package included a group shot of the entire class, though... a group shot of all 15 kids and the 2 teachers that bravely try to keep them under control from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This shot will go down in history. I would post the entire photo here if I weren't afraid that one of the other parents would somehow stumble upon my blog someday and then sue me for invading the privacy of their child. Several of the children in the picture look as if they have to use the potty. One girl is grimacing as if she's been poked by a cattle prod. Very few of them are actually looking at the camera. Then there's my boy...

We have no earthly idea what the issue was here. Every time I look at it, I want to hug him. Years from now, when these kids are all grown, they'll be pulling out this picture and saying, "Oh yeah, remember the little boy in preschool who..."


Tony said...

Awww. He IS adorable. LOVE the last pic. He looks like, "WHY am I here?"


Teresa Paulina said...


He's so sweet!!!