Monday, October 15, 2007

My new addiction?

Digital scrapbooking.

I blame the woman that sits behind me at work (not to be confused with the woman who used to sit in the cubicle behind me).


I did this in about 20 minutes.
I'm in so much trouble...


Just Me said...

Where do you go to do this? I'd love to scrapbook, and since 98% of my pics on digital, this would be good.

RYC on my site-I was having a hormonal pity party. Funny hting is-the people that started it("picking on me") are jealous of ME. one got all whiny that my posts get more comments than hers. Which just cracks me up. I'm the dork.

You and Lori still stand out as my best friends through the nerd days. :kiss:

Teresa Paulina said...

Wonderful work!!!