Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Because I think I need more abuse, I guess, and thanks to TWYLA, I've submitted my blog to be reviewed by So Many Blogs, So Little Time. Why? Who knows.

They'll probably rip me to shreds, but it might be fun. Their waiting list of blogs to be reviewed is pretty long, so I've got plenty of time to spruce things up before their visit, I'm sure.


Teresa said...

you're a brave soul...LOL

Twyla said...

I was scared to death after I submitted my blog...but it really wasn't so bad. LOL It could be a long wait though...I had to wait almost 2 months for mine, and there weren't nearly as many people on the waiting list as there are now. Since I got my review, I see that there are 4 blogs that I know, now on the waiting I guess they're all suckers for punishment too. LOL
Can't wait to see your review. Good luck. :-)