Sunday, February 18, 2007


The digital camera is back up & running (thank-you PAX for your words of wisdom on how I could find the drivers for my camera online - it was exactly what I needed, and saved me spending hours trying to find the disc that came with the camera!).

So here we go...

My first knitting project completed. Yes, you guessed it, it's an iPod cozy! I think the cozy - teapot cozy, toaster cozy, toilet paper cozy - has really gotten a bad wrap. I found instructions for this on, which is the home of 'Knitty Gritty', the knitting show I'm now addicted to. The pictured doesn't really do it justice. The yarn is chunky and fuzzy, and has a stunning turquoise-colored satin ribbon running through it. Sadly, the instructions that I followed for this are for a full-size iPod, and I have the iPod mini (now the iPod Nano). Being the ingenious person that I am, I tailored the instructions for the size iPod I have, and came up with this...

A perfect fit! Again, the picture does not do it justice. The yarn is varigated, ranging from orange to yellow to blue, and it's also thick and fuzzy.

Although Mou laughed when I told him about the iPod cozy, I think it's what all the hip, stylish iPods will be wearing this Spring.

The obligatory scarf - an early project for every knitter

The weather here last Tuesday was just absolutely too nasty to try to make the 22 mile drive from my house to the Casa de Insurance. I left a message for my supervisor about 5:45am telling her I wouldn't be in, then promptly started on this stunning scarf. The yarn is thick and bumpy, and a mottled brown and black color. I worked on it all day. It ended up being about 7 ft long, and I LOVE IT!

A close-up of the wonderful scarf. Hopefully the color and texture comes through a little better here.

I'm a knitting fiend. It's nice to do something creative again.


Teresa said...

I love all the knitting projects! You're becoming a knitting queen!

Pax Romano said...

Glad I could help ... now can I order a "Zune Cozy"?

Heather said...

Knitting fiend. oh how I resemble that remark. They are beautiful! Good job. I can't wait to see what else you create. 7 foot long scarf.......I think I need to make one that long.
Knitty Gritty is so awesome. I miss it right now. The cable we get in the apartment doesn't get it in. We had Dish and I recorded it faithfully every day. Lucky you!

Ruth said...

Quotes on a cozy for the item of your choice, electronic or otherwise ;), will be given once you email to me the specifications of your item and the color scheme of your choice.

And I use fiend as a term of affection!