Saturday, February 24, 2007


I thought earlier today that my (horribly inadequate 4GB) iPod was fried, because it locked up and I couldn't do anything with it.

Last week was just about the worst week up my life, coming in second only to the week in 1998 when my mom died and in 2005 when my dad died (which are currently tied for first place).

Seriously. The week was truly THAT bad, no exaggeration. I'd go into details, but I'm tired of thinking about all of it.

I can't be without my iPod. It's just unthinkable. So I took the plunge and bought the 30GB I've been drooling over. That's what the credit card is for, right - a little retail therapy for those time when life is SO ABSOLUTELY SUCKY that all you want to do is lay in bed and eat pop tarts. I have no business AT ALL spending money like this right now. None. Zip. Nada. It's completely, totally careless and irresponsible on my part.

Wouldn't you know... when I got home, I was able to get the (horribly inadequate) 4GB iPod working. The beautiful, new 30GB iPod is still in the box, in the bag from the store with the receipt. I've got 30 days to return it.

I hate making decisions like this.


Teresa said...

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! I hate it when I go out and buy something impulsively.... and then I think... I don't really need this. (not that, that's what you did... but I hate it when I do it.) Money is so tight and I hate it when it is such a pain...

Ruth said...

Oh no... it was definitely impulsive. The husband doesn't even know about it. Right now, it's stuck in the back of a drawer he rarely looks in...


Twyla said...

30GB? Holy Sweet Fudge! How far out of the loop am I? I though 2GB was big. LOL My poor little mp3 player (I don't even have an IPod), is only 128MB. It fits like 30 songs max. It sucks arse.
I impulse buy sometimes...and then regret it so bad that I can't enjoy what I bought. Why do we do that to ourselves?