Wednesday, August 02, 2006

{insert guttural noise of disgust here...}

I'm still stewing over last night (see post below), which is pointless, but it's my nature.

The ONE THING I was looking forward to this summer SHOT TO HELL because I choose to befriend the mentally unbalanced.

To torture myself, I went to the Warehouse (yes, the DMB official fan site, and yes, I paid $35 for my 1-year membership) website and looked up the set list from last night's concert... and oh it would've been a good show...

Dave Matthews BandRiverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, OH

Seek Up *
Crash Into Me
Hunger For The Great Light *
The Idea Of You * (AND THIS ONE IS A NEW SONG!!!!!)
American Baby *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Where Are You Going
Louisiana Bayou *
Cant Stop
So Much To Say *
Too Much *
Jimi Thing *+
Stay *

Everyday *

Special Guests:
* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Warren Haynes

I don't do a whole lot on my own ie. without the husband and son. I work full-time. The hubby is in school full-time, so Mon-Thur, he walks out the door to school as I walk in the door from work. We don't get to spend loads of time together as a family, so for me to plan to do something on my own is a big deal. And when it's the annual DMB summer tour, it's an even BIGGER deal. The disappointment of this is huge.

But I'll get over it.

{insert guttural noise of disgust here...}

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