Monday, February 13, 2006

Shhhhhhhhhhhh..... I'm playing hooky from work today. I just couldn't face it and decided about 6:30 this morning to take a mental health day. I can justify it by saying that this way, K had the chance to go to school and register for the evening classes he needs (today is the first day of registration) without having to worry about making arrangements for someone to be with W.T. Sure, the in-laws probably would've taken him, but we (read I) don't want to wear out our welcome with them. My f-i-l made the comment while I was pregnant that he didn't retire to become free baby-sitting for grandkids, and that has stuck with me (as things like that do).

It's weak, but it's all I've got.


justrose said...

works for me!

hope you had a good day.

Ruth said...

Well... I'm seriously considering calling off again tomorrow... we'll see... :)

Teresa said...

Did you?? Hope you had fun!!