Monday, February 27, 2006


For the 4th time this morning, I am listening to the saga of the woman that sits in the cubicle behind me’s furnace going out this weekend.

I have my the volume of my headphones up so loud, to drown her out, that I think I’m risking serious eardrum damage. And I can still hear her.





Maidink said...

Is she telling YOU for the fourth time or four random people?

Is she at least making the story interesting, or is it more like, "My furnace broke blah blah blah it was cold blah blah scrambled for heat blah blah blah can't believe it blah blah oh the cost more boring detail blah blah blah etc etc etc blah blah blah"?

Teresa said...

You need to turn around and say... I'm sorry, I'm sure you don't know this... but you're boring the living shit out of me... Will you please shut the hell up?

The shock factor alone may get you 15 to 30 mins. of silence.

Fraise said...

If you do get damage to your ears then you could sue her as she is ultimately responsible ;-) Thanks for stopping by mine again.

Ruth said...

Maidink - 3 different people/4 times through the story, because she and the woman that sits behind her talked about it for about 45 minutes, during which she repeated the story several times.

Teresa - I would LOVE to do that, but am afraid I'd lose my job.

Fraise - GOOD IDEA!! I'll have to keep that in mind!