Friday, February 10, 2006

Blah, blah, blah...

Well, I’ve survived the weekly Friday morning re-cap of Thursday night’s episode of Survivor. I’ll admit it… I do watch it occasionally, and I’m in the office pool. But who can pass up the chance to win $200 for just a $10 investment? I’ve endured a 30 minute discourse from, you guessed it!, the woman that sits in the cubicle behind me as she extolled the virtues of Neal Boortz and his ‘Church of the Painful Truth’ to the woman that sits across from her – one of her conservative AM radio converts. My putz that I work for supervisor is working from home today (hallelujah), and has finally put away his lap top because the barrage of emails from him has stopped.

Is it time to go home yet?

Everything seems to take so much effort right now.

Our darling boy’s monster side is showing itself more and more. Partly the terrible two’s, yes, but mostly (I think) from lack of sleep, since he won’t take a nap most days and averages probably 10-11 hours a night (where everything I’ve heard and read says they should get 12-15 hours per day, including a nap). My mother-in-law was even nice enough to point out the dark circles under his eyes one day, wondering if maybe he was coming down with something, and then wondering if maybe dark circles under the eyes were something hereditary, because she’d often noticed the dark circles under my eyes, too.

That made me feel warm and fuzzy.

K is wading through the red tape and bureaucratic crap-ola of getting his unemployment started, and trying to get approval for school through this TAA program that will pay for his tuition and books. Hurry up and wait… they told him at his appointment this past Wednesday that on March 1 he’ll sit down with the person that will be his contact at the unemployment/Job Center office. But we still don’t know if this will be the person that will approve his school program. Registration for the Spring quarter starts Monday. He’s going to register despite not knowing if he’s approved, to make sure he gets the classes he needs at the times he needs them (which means he’ll be at school 3-4 evenings each week, from 4pm until 8 or 9…). Apparently, as they get further into the medical assistant classes, they have to start wearing uniforms to school (to get used to them?). I think he’ll look cute in the scrubs…

And a bad winter storm is supposedly heading our way, so darn-it-all I may not be able to come in on Saturday morning to work overtime after all.

That would be a shame.

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justrose said...

terrible twos ... god i remember. it really does get better.

the dark circles can be from allergies. does he have any? yeah. they're called allergic shiners. my kid has them constantly, as do i. and mine was never a napper either. i constantly feel as if, even now, she's sleep deprived. if only she loved sleep as much as i do! WHEN i can get it.

when are we going to talk on the phone again...? ;)