Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Found this on a site that a fellow blogger/friend mentioned in one of her recent posts. Has this man been peeping through my bedroom window for the last few years???

If it weren’t so maddening it would be laughable. It is in fact absolutely, ridiculously ironic that so many people thnk you are at the strongest most powerful point of your whole life, and that you have it all totally together, when they have no idea how close to the edge you have been over the last few years. Personal, financial, even physical issues have worn you down nearly to a nub and have all but extinguished the life you were living ten years ago. So, if you are slightly unavailable these days, and if you seem now and then to be exploding a few kiltons of primitive rage, well, pardon your Pluto, but until someone experiences a transit of Pluto through their sign, they have no idea of what it’s like. It’s odd, too, the more you withdraw and withhold, the more appealing you are, and that’s got to speak volumes about what people find attractive in others. Now, with Mars going forward in your solar sixth house, working to stay healthy and working to earn money are the major tasks to renew your energy. Projects you may have begun last summer may start to percolate again Will, in fact, begin to cook big time and it is this sort of disciplined energy that will ignite you mentally and emotionally. You will be dealing with a very gung-ho guy at the job site who will light a fire under you and get you to produce.

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