Wednesday, November 02, 2005

10 reasons why I'd like to smack the person that sits in the cubicle behind me, if I wouldn't get fired for it (all true and in no particular order)

1) She sings out loud while listening to Britney Spears on her headphones

2) When not singing along with Britney, she listens to conservative talk radio and comments out loud on Rush Limbaugh's topic du jour

3) When she sends a 'FWD: FWD: FWD' email to everyone, she shouts out 'incoming'

4) She has microwave popcorn for breakfast every morning, yet burns it 2-3 times each week

5) When not singing along with Britney or debating with Rush, she gives us regular news and/or weather updates... but hey, at least we're all current, right?

6) She doesn't pay attention at unit meetings, or read emails, then asks stupid questions about what we're supposed to be doing

7) She calls everyone 'boss'

8) If I have my headphones on (in an effort to drown out her singing) and she wants to get my attention, she throws a wadded up Post-it note over the cubicle wall

9) She has purple Christmas lights lining her cubicle, because purple is her favorite color

10) She insists on decorating your cubicle with streamers if it's your birthday


welshwitch36 said...

Oh Boy, do I know how you feel - there must be a person like that in every office all over the world ;-)

gone said...


welshwitch36 said...

Thanks for your comments - point & click really!! What is spooky is that I work for a large insurance company in the U.K. Perhaps this is just an insurance thing :-) Maybe not ;-)

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