Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I ate a candy bar today, and I'm trying not to kick myself in the ass too much about it... slightly impossible, though, as I'm saddled with the guilt of a good Catholic (even though I'm Presbyterian).

I blame it on my boss.

She returned to work Monday from a 10 day trip to Ireland (she sucks). She brought back a gift each for my co-worker and I, a hand-made chocolate bar from some fabulous chocolatier in Dublin - what the hell?!? It lasted a day and a half on my desk before the 'I'll only have a small piece...' crap started... 5 minutes later, it was gone.

I just finished an hour on the treadmill to (try to) make up for it.

I remain cautiously optimistic that I can do this on my own, without having the bypass surgery. I was just reading some inspirational stories yesterday of women my age, older, and younger who have lost the same amount of or more weight than I need to lose, and did it on their own. If they can do it, I can too. I've decided that the only proper way to do this is to give myself some good incentive... after all, when you've got (clears throat to cover up actual number) pounds to lose, you need something really good to look forward to at the end...

I've spent quite a bit of time the last few days here, perusing their offerings, and think I've finally landed on this, if I can take off this - okay, I'll say it - 200 lbs on my own. If achieved, and provided they still offer it, I'll order this to be worn on the middle finger of my right hand - won't that be fabulous?

Yes, it's a decent chunk of change... but I'm worth it.

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Lori said...

15 pounds - wooo hoo!

A) You're human - it's OK to goof up every now and then. We all do. Where it's *not* OK is if you goof up every day, which you aren't.

B) You can do this. You are a strong person, and now that you've set your mind to it, you can and will do it. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen in the most healthy way possible. And by doing it with diet and exercise, you will have done it the healthiest way possible. I have faith in you.

C) That ring is *gorgeous*!!!!

D) You are most definately worth it.

E) Call me if you need a walking buddy. We can visit by phone while we both walk the dreaded treadmill path. :o)

Love ya'!