Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the phone is completely gone. I was hoping that, after a few days to dry out, it would start working again. No dice. Time to start looking for a new phone.


But, as a bonus, I think I've irritated Right-Wing Conservative Girl (henceforth RWCG) to the point of not speaking to me, at least for a while. Sometimes she calls me on the cell, outside the office. As such, I made a point of telling her yesterday that my phone was out of commission. When she asked me, however, what exactly happened that resulted in my phone going into the water (no, I didn't tell her it was a pee-filled toilet), I simply said that it was a long story not worth retelling.

She's barely spoken to me since.


justrose said...

i washed s's phone once. did i tell you this? it was unfortunate.

as for my own, it gets flung to the ground accidentally at least once a week.

Lori said...

You know, the cost of the phone may be well worth the silence from RWCG.

Silence is golden...

Teresa Paulina said...

hmmmmmm... sounds like a good way to get rid of unwanted idiots... LOL