Friday, July 07, 2006

Ruth 1, Right-Wing Conservative Girl 0

Having the type II Diabetes requires me to go to my doctor every 3 months to have various blood tests done.  Not fun, but necessary.  I went mid-June to have this done.  Normally, the doctor calls about a week to week and a half after I’ve been in and we talk about the results on the phone, then I stop in and pick up any new prescriptions that I might need.  After two weeks and still no word from the doctor, I called in… and called in… and called in… each time leaving a message for one of the Medical Assistants to give me a call back, yada, yada, yada.  

Last week rolled around, and still no call back, so I just went ahead and made an appointment to go in.  Slightly inconvenient, yes,  but not a big deal.

Yesterday, I got a message from one of the Medical Assistants…   “Hi, this is Tanisha from Dr. Bennett’s office.  I saw in your chart that you had blood work done about 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to make sure you’d had a chance to go over the results with someone.  Give me a call back.”  I was at work when I got the message.  Annoying?  Yes.  But it kind of made me laugh at the same time.  I’m tired of getting pissed off about things.  I called back and left a message for Tanisha saying nicely  that after calling several times and not getting a call back, I’d finally just come in to see the doctor for the results, so everything was taken care of.  When I hung up the phone, Right-Wing Conservative Girl in front of me decided to add her 2 cents…

“Now, see, if it was me, I don’t think I would’ve been so nice.  I think I would’ve said something more like (in a snotty voice) ‘Well, Tanisha, after calling over and over again and not getting a call back, I finally just gave up and made an appointment with the doctor last Friday.  But thanks for calling.

Me:  “Well, see, that’s the difference between you and me.  I do my best to try to not piss people off…”

And then I went to lunch.

I just love my new bitchy self…


Maidink said...

I admit I've taken RWCG's stance before with my doctors' office workers. Then I feel guilty because I KNOW how busy they are. Granted, with you, Type II is nothing to mess with and they should have called you. If it happens again, I say blast them out of the water.

Was RWCG even phased by the retort?

Ruth said...

To be fair - this is the first time I've had issues with someone from the doctor's office calling me back, and the doctor was out of the office during one of the three weeks that I waited to get the test results. But oh yes, if this continues they will know I'm upset.

RWCG, to my disappointment, did not seemed phased by my retort, other than the fact that we didn't talk much the rest of the day. She's quick to zing others, but when someone turns it back on her, she's not quite sure what to do.

Teresa said...

New bitchy self??? Did you lose the old one from Berea?? hehehe

By all means!! Next time let them know you are NOT amused. I go in next week for my lovely blood tests. Although i'm not on insulin... he likes to keep up with me.

Hope your numbers are improving!!