Monday, July 17, 2006

How my week is starting off

You’ll all be happy to know that my mentor (who sits diagonally from me), RWCG (who sits in front of me) and I apparently have our mojo back (kill me now), because we’re all wearing green tops today….   Last week, Monday we all wore green, Tuesday was pink, and Wednesday was green again.  RWCG was VERY disappointed to come in Thursday and find that I was dressed in a gray t-shirt, my mentor was dressed in blue, and she in pink again.  “Aww….   Well that’s okay.  We’ll get our mojo back soon.”

People walking down our aisle notice this, too, and feel the need to stop and comment on it.

RWCG also brow-beat her live-in boyfriend to get a puppy this weekend.  Oh the stories and pictures we’re being regaled with today!!  They (read she) named it Tinkerbell, and the pictures she has show it dressed (OMG!!) in a pink doggie t-shirt that says ‘Princess’.  She wanted to get this puppy ostensibly for her two sons, who are 6 and 8.  He (the boyfriend) didn’t want one; hasn’t wanted one and has always said no when this has come up in the past (he works at the Casa de Insurance, also, so I always get to hear both sides of the story).  It’s his house they live in, and he’s allergic to dogs and cats, but she’s talked him into it, and now he will be getting shots or something, so that he’s able to breath at home, all so that her boys will have a puppy.

Talk about true-love…

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