Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas with the in-laws was... actually not as bad as it could've been. This almost makes me sad, as I do admit to getting a little... what? I don't know... would you call it perverse satisfaction out of posting about how crazy they are? And about how crazy they make me?

Dinner was the standard fare: ham, mac & cheese, green beans, Pillsbury crescent rolls. The father-in-law doesn't pull out the weird recipes for this meal (he saves those for Thanksgiving, as we all know). The boy ate a plate full of carrots, of all things.

Regrettably, I DID NOT get another pair of vibrating slippers this year. I was really hoping, but I was disappointed. It was fun last year to send them to the lovely JustRose of the Philly Rowhouse, and I was looking forward this year to sending them to another lucky online friend. Alas, this will not happen. I did, however, receive:

from my mother-in-law:

a tube of H2O shower gel (yummy)

a bottle of hand soap (odd)

a ring with cubic zirconia set in the shape of an angel (every girl's dream, right?)

from my father-in-law:

2 Tervis tumblers, 24 oz size (odd, but useful)

from the brother-in-law and his wife:

a yoga mat and bag (more on my new fascination with yoga in another post!)

As a joint present, the husband and I are shopping today for a new DVD player.

As expected, the brother-in-law and his wife got the boy the (almost) biggest thing they could find, a Hot Wheels track that does all sorts of tricks. One day later a piece was broken, and he had lost interest in it. AmVets is picking things up this coming Monday, and it may very well be on the pile...

So there you have it.

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Teresa Paulina said...

there's no satisfaction like perverse satisfaction, I always say...