Thursday, September 06, 2007

I have a secret. Maybe not so much of a secret, because I think I included it in the 100 Things About Me post that's buried in the archives, but in case you don't remember, here it is -

I'm an opera snob. Sure, my iPod is loaded with alternative and indie rock, electronic and Brit Pop and Eighties stuff that makes my husband cringe... but underneath it all, the opera and Classical music still has my heart. Mozart and Beethoven, of course. And Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Yo Yo Ma makes me swoon.

It's my mother's fault. She planted the seed, with all the record albums she bought back when Columbia House was actually a record club. She was so careful to slice the cellophane wrapper open along the opening of the album sleeve, so she could slide the album out and listen to it before deciding whether or not to buy it. Her record collection was boundless and it fascinated me.

Berea College may not have been the place to go for a music degree, but the professors were passionate about what they did (most of them, at least). I heard an opera from start to finish for the first time, and I was in love. Carmen. The Marriage of Figaro. Turandot. It's true, when it comes to opera, you either love it or hate it.

The angels surely must be rejoicing, to have this incredible voice now in their choir.


Lori said...

You've absolutely right - Heaven's choir is much sweeter today than it was a few days ago.

I'm thankful your Mom had such a diverse album collection. The world doesn't get enough culture as it is.

Twyla said...

I will forgive you this time. LOL
I guess it's just not my type of music, but to each their own. I do have to admit that I'd rather listen to that than say, rap or hip hop. That stuff should NOT be legal. :-P

Teresa Paulina said...

I'm 100% the same way dear. I am such a music snob. "The Man" Pavarotti... what a tenor... Remember Chip Dorton from EKU? We called him Pavarotti, Jr? (and not unkindly... He was phenomenal as well... ) he died a few years ago as well from some form of cancer... so now he is truly getting to sing with his idol!