Monday, October 23, 2006

I am a catalog freak, just ask my husband. While I don't normally buy a lot through the mail (because we're broke), I do love looking.

I saw this

in the holiday edition of the Oriental Trading Company, Inc catalog, and I have 2 things to say...

1) Is this sacrilegious?

2) There are only 30 shopping days until my birthday. They're not available online, only in the catalog, so contact me if you need the ordering info!


maidink said...

I can't decide if that is sacrilegious or not.

It's like the Jesus Action Figure. Is that sacrilege or just good marketing?

Teresa said...


Remember God has a sense of humor... look at the platypus!

Heather said...

I don't think it's sacriligeous. I think they are adorable. I have tons of Nativities for my little ones to play with at Christmas(it keeps them away from the really nice ones I collect) and this would fit right in at bathtime. LOL Let the little children come to Him I say!

I've been thinking about your list and last post........I still am thinking, but I want to tell you some things about it.

I've MISSED you tons! I am so glad Lori set up her blog and told us both!

Blessings on today!